Edmonton Transit System - 1998 New Flyer D40LF (4046-4125)
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ETS expanded its fleet again in 1998 with an additional 80 D40LFs. These buses featured a slightly different design from 1993 and 1994, along with the inner-wall heating system from New Flyer. With this heating system, hot air is allowed to travel within the walls and exits through small holes along the interior sides of the bus. This results in less fogging up of the side windows for better visibility. These buses are powered by the Cummins C8.3 engine and the Allison B400R5 transmission. They are also equipped with the Balios orange LED destination sign.



Date (Y-M-D)

ETS 4103

ETS 4103 is seen northbound on 100 Street approaching Jasper Avenue.


ETS 4106

ETS 4106 is seen southbound on 101 Street at 102 Avenue while working route 125 Downtown.


ETS 4064

ETS 4064 is seen working route 50 University while northbound on 114 Street near 83 Avenue.


ETS 4119

ETS 4119 is seen southbound on 114 Street at 82 Avenue while working route 30.


ETS 4103

ETS 4103 is seen departing Mitchell Garage while Not In Service.


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