Edmonton Transit System - 2005 Ford/Corbeil Shuttle (5011-5091)
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ETS ordered more Ford/Corbeil shuttles for DATS (Disabled Adult Transit Service) for 2005. They do not run on any regular routes, but can be found running throughout the city. These buses will replace the now-privately-owned shuttles used for DATS.



Date (Y-M-D)

ETS 5027

ETS 5027 is seen parked on Jasper Avenue near 104 Street.


ETS 5071

ETS 5071 is seen northbound on Groat Road just past Victoria Park Road.


ETS 5073

ETS 5073 is seen northbound on 114 Street at 87 Avenue.


ETS 5060

ETS 5060 is seen northbound on 66 Street at Fort Road.


ETS 5080

ETS 5080 is seen parked in front of the Stanley A. Milner Library on 102 Avenue at 99 Street.


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