Edmonton Transit System - 1993-2001 Ford/Overland ELF (53-79)
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ETS serves many communities in which full-size 40' buses cannot travel in. Because of this, there are a handful of "ELF" buses which serve the areas. They also serve other routes at night when they are less busy. All of these vehicles except for 55 have been delivered with or had their destination sign replaced with Balios orange LED signs. You can find these buses mostly on the 300-series routes.



Date (Y-M-D)

ETS 58

ETS 58 is seen laying over at Clareview West Transit Centre while working route 381 Hollick Kenyon.


ETS 54

ETS 54 is seen working route 309 Kingsway while westbound on 102 Avenue at 101 Street.


ETS 69

ETS 69 is seen working route 381 West Clareview while waiting to turn from 54 Street onto 153 Avenue.


ETS 58

ETS 58 is seen working route 381 while southbound on 50 Street at Manning Freeway.


ETS 62

ETS 62 is seen working route 313 Windsor Park while at University Transit Centre.


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