King County Metro Transit - 2002-2003 Phantom 40' Trolley (4100-4199)
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King County Metro Transit's Gillig trolleys are equipped with Alstom-rebuilt GE propulsion systems from the old AM General trolleys. They were produced between 2002-2003.



Date (Y-M-D)

KCM 4199

KCM 4199 is seen turning from Jackson Street onto 4th Avenue northbound while working route 1.


KCM 4195

KCM 4195 is seen working route 36 while southbound on 3rd Avenue near Marion Street.


KCM 4192

KCM 4192 is seen working route 4 while southbound on 3rd Avenue at Spring Street.


KCM 4190

KCM 4190 is seen working route 14 while northbound on 3rd Avenue at Spring Street.


KCM 4189

KCM 4189 is seen working route 70 while on 3rd Avenue at Pike Street.


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