Société de Transport de Montréal - 2001 Nova Bus LFS (21-201 to 21-275)

 • The 21- series were the first year of the 2nd generation LFS buses for STM. The 21s were the last STM buses to be equipped with a 911 sign and Luminator destination signs. 21-201 was the pilot bus for this series.



Date (Y-M-D)

STM 21-202

STM 21-202 is seen working the 141 headed to St-Michel Metro station. This is the first bus in the 21 series since 21-201 was a pilot bus and no longer runs with STM.


STM 21-206

STM 21-206 is seen laying over on route 141 near St-Michel Metro station.


STM 21-215

STM 21-215 is seen laying over on route 141 at Honore-Beaugrand Metro.


STM 21-221

STM 21-221 is seen parked with SPECIAL on its destination sign near St-Michel Metro station. This bus was involved in an accident earlier.


STM 21-222

The interior destination sign area of STM 21-222.


STM 21-223

STM 21-223 is seen waiting for passengers at Honore-Beaugrand Metro.


STM 21-226

STM 21-226 is seen working the 140 Eastbound.


STM 21-229

STM 21-229 is seen arriving at Sauve Metro to start its assignment on route 140 Fleury.


STM 21-234

STM 21-234 is seen parked at Henri-Bourassa Metro station on an unknown route.


STM 21-237

STM 21-237 is seen laying over on route 189 at Honore-Beaugrand Metro with a broken panel.


STM 21-253

The interior of STM 21-253, facing the front of the bus.


STM 21-255

STM 21-255 is seen parked before starting its run on route 121 Cote-Vertu.


STM 21-259

STM 21-259 is seen leaving Roxboro Train Station on route 206 Pilon.


STM 21-260

STM 21-260 is seen loading passengers on the 121 Westbound at Sauve Metro.


STM 21-262

STM 21-262 is seen waiting for passengers at the old bus terminal at Cote Vertu Metro with no ad-rack.


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