ZModeler Tutorial
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ZModeler is a 3D modeling program that allows users to create and model 3D objects with faces (also known as polygons).  This tutorial will show you how to use ZModeler, and how to utilize it to the best of your ability.  Thanks to Oleg M. for creating this great program!

Note: This tutorial uses ZModeler v1.03!











Loading Images into ZModeler

This is the first step that you need to complete in order to create a car, unless you are trying to make a made up one.  If you are not going to make a real car, skip this step.

The first step is to choose a car that you want to produce for one of many games that ZModeler supports exporting to.  Some of these games include Midtown Madness 2, Need for Speed 4, and 4x4 Evolution.

For this tutorial, I have chosen a Toyota Prius.  I recommend you start with a fairly easy car, such as a compact car, or a van.  Boxy cars will probably be your best bet for the first car you create.


Step one - Get the side texture.
You can go about getting side textures from car picture sites such as  I usually use's 360 degree view, despite the poor quality of some of their images.  These images need to be looking on straight onto the side of the car.  Angle pictures do not work when creating a 3D model.

After you get these images, use a imaging program such as Adobe Photoshop or Jasc Paint Shop Pro to save these images in BMP (Windows Bitmap), or TGA (Truevision Targa) format.  Remember: The images have to be saved on a 256x256 or 512x512 canvas size!  If they are not saved as a 256x256 or equivalent texture, the images will appear distorted in ZModeler, as well as your model when you finish texturing it! See Below!

CLEARED UP VERSION (For Mr_Sparkle) ;) :

If you get a texture, you have to place it on a 512x512 texture sheet (canvas) in order for it to appear correctly in your window.

You use 256x256 texture sheets (canvases) for texturing purposes.

Hope this clears things up..


More problems here..

You must FIRST CREATE A 512x512 CANVAS, then paste the image the way it was taken off of Carpoint.




My side texture looks like this:  (On a 512x512 canvas of course for modeling purposes)

Step two - Load the side texture into ZModeler

After completing these steps: ---------------------->

You will get to the following window:

Press the "Add..." Button, and select your side texture.  The window will then look like this:

After you press OK, your "Right" or "Left" window will appear as follows:

You may turn the grids off if you want.  You do so by going back to the right click menu, Custom, then click on the Grids you want to remove.