ZModeler Tutorial v2.0

Here we are again, leaning how to use ZModeler efficiently to create a quality vehicle in three dimensions.

Sorry for the lack of detail in my first tutorial, as:
1) I wasn't that good of a modeler at that time, and was just trying to help beginners learn how to make cars;
2) I didn't find the beauty of blueprints and;
3) I was in a rush, since this tutorial was in high demand.

Now I will be showing you how to model using blueprints, and how to extrude, since there really was no detail on it in my first tutorial.

This tutorial uses ZModeler v1.07, and I recommend using this version due to its stableness.  1.06f may also be desirable.
Download at - if it is currently down, MM2C is mirroring 1.05-1.07 (search the forum announcements).

This tutorial will not include certain sections that were featured on the first tutorial, such as loading the images.

Table of Contents

Getting Started with Modeling
Refining the Model | (Pt. 2)
Making the Front
Making the Rear
Making Wheel Wells
Creating the Bottom
Smoothing Out Your Normals
Texturing (Text-Only Version)
Other Useful Things

For more on mirroring, welding, and texturing, please visit version one of this tutorial series.

Links to Other Sources

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Please remember that this tutorial was made solely for showing how to model, and not how to put vehicles in-game.  For more information on how to port vehicles to different games, refer to the correct file format (e.g.. pkg.txt) in your C:\pathto\ZModeler\Filters directory.


Programs you may require for creating a vehicle:

Zanoza Modeler (creating the model)
Paint Shop Pro and/or Adobe Photoshop (editing textures/blueprints)
WinZip or Windows Compression Utility (compiling the file structure)
Microsoft Excel (modifying .csv files for sounds)
Notepad/Microsoft Word (creating the readme file)

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